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Davos Forum 2019 – working out how to keep the 90% under control despite everything

I think this, by Michael Roberts, is a pretty good summary of what the Davos Forum, now underway on the ski slopes in Switzerland, is up to this year. The one per-centers who are there are focused on how to make sure that the twin crises of climate change and inequality across and within nations do not lead to uprisings that they cannot control. Also wondering whether certain union leaders of the union movement will be there to lend a helping hand. In an attempt to re-blog that appears to have failed I added, thinking about Australia in relation to one of Michael Roberts’ remarks: What is a “strong nation state”? Why, for the globalized capital class and its world order, it is a state that enables more free trade and the free movement of capital, even when it is required to act strongly to undermine its own sovereignty as with investor state disputes procedures in trade agreements ! This definition means that Australia is a “strong nation state”. Will that continue if we have a change of government to the ALP in May?

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