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Economics for Workers (1): Richard Wolff’s podcasts

I like listening to Richard Wolff’s podcasts about life in the USA. His starting point is economics, but Richard’s economics goes beyond that into the links and interweavings between economic events, processes and numbers and daily life. It deals with reality from our point of view, not that of the expert economics commentators that dominate mainstream media.

This is the current episode but you can also link back to previous episodes.

There is one about wild dogs in Detroit that cuts to the core of the stupidity and violence of capitalism’s inherent logic.

Each episode provides brief and acerbic, fact laden short commentary on economic events that influence different aspects of our lives. Then there is a longer discussion, amd sometimes an interview, that explores a specific topic in greater detail.

This current episode has a very good, short and plain language explanation of the 3 major theories of economics.

Smartphone technology and software make this sort of learning a lot more accessible and enjoyable for us all. Now to translate what we learn into action on Australian soil.

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