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The greatness of metalworker Tom Mann

I have just watched Phil Katz introduce his new biography of the great union and socialist leader, Tom Mann, Yours For the Revolution, to a meeting of AMWU delegates and officials in Sydney just a couple of days ago.

This new biography is wonderful news because Mann, and his wife Elsie, were major contributors to the building of the socialist character of Australia's labour movement in the early 1900s.

It is long overdue that we have a new biography, especially because Phil Katz’ introduction reveals new information and insights about Mann’s remarkable contribution to several labour movements around the world.

In 1978 the great Laurie Carmichael, then the Assistant National Secretary of the AMWSU (as it then was) wrote an article about Tom Mann that was sent via their monthly Journal to all AMWSU members. His purpose was to ensure that all members knew why the ground floor theatre in the new national union office building was named after him.

We included a copy of that article in our union education work in the early 2000s. Click here to read it.

With Laurie Carmichael’s permission, I updated his 1978 article because of a new biography that had come to light in the 1990s and other new information. Click here to read that.

Both highlighted the relevance of Tom Mann’s contribution and its insights in the early 21st century.

Let’s buy and share the new book. Maybe there can be a study project to go with it?




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