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The Productivity Commission and Superannuation: Wage Theft on a Grand Scale?

Yes, its 2019 and Caroline Pryor is back with Radio Skid Row’s “Workers Radio” … 88.9FM. Today I joined her to discuss the arrest of Danny Lim, some industrial disputes, the latest on the Annual Wage Review … and the Productivity Commissions’s new (old but warmed up somewhat) report on superannuation. We reinforce what ACTU President Michelle O’Neill had to say about it.

One thing we did not discuss: should superannuation be nationalised? Watch out for more on that!

Anyway, We hope you will like our opening discussion on this big issue, then like it, comment on it, SHARE IT AROUND.

Special note to all of you organisers : you can listen in from the link above while you are driving to and from your workplace meetings.

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